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• High-pressure Senate sales job
• Back to you, Sen. Cruz
• Way worse than glitches
• McAuliffe didn’t disclose scam investment
• Let’s Move! Shutdown squirrels snack on Michelle O’s garden

HIGH PRESSURE SENATE SALES JOB - Senate leaders Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell will today be rolling out their compromise plan for fully funding the government and lifting the federal borrowing cap. The best thing that can probably be said for the plan is that no one will particularly like it. With a deadline on lifting the debt limit looming at the end of the week, Democratic leader Reid and Republican leader McConnell are working hard to lower expectations. The spin: Punting is the patriotic thing to do. But the details of the plan and the willingness of conservative and liberal hardliners to walk away from the high-stakes shutdown empty-handed will both matter a great deal. A status-quo extension, though, looks appealing to many on Capitol Hill as markets watch nervously. Read more details on the negotiations.

[WaPo looks at how a bipartisan group of 12 Senate moderates may hold the key to compromise during budget negotiations.]

The plan - Fox News has learned that the emerging framework would raise the debt ceiling through February and include a spending bill meant to last through Jan. 15. But it’s the little things that make or break big deals. The Hill reports that unions may get an ObamaCare exemption and it is widely said that a provision beefing up anti-fraud measures in the health law is still alive. House members tell Fox News they are adamant about ending an ObamaCare exemption for members of Congress and their staffs, predicting “a huge fight” if McConnell caves. But the big idea – a three-month kick of the can – will have lots of fans as Americans grow increasingly nauseated by Washington’s crisis addiction.

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