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Buzz Cut:
• Hillary builds her liberal firewall
• As pressure mounts, Sebelius stays out of town
• If Obama had to be on ObamaCare
• Phishing for an apology
• Oh, the indignity!

HILLARY BUILDS HER LIBERAL FIREWALL - Hillary Clinton was the star attraction at the ultra-liberal Center for American Progress’ annual gala, what the group calls its “Progressive Party.” Clinton, who was tossed aside by liberal voters in the 2008 Democratic primaries, isn’t taking any chances for 2016. “Progressive ideas have helped make this country the greatest force for human liberty, dignity and opportunity the world has ever known,” she said. She also noted the country’s challenges, which leave it “careening from crisis to crisis” and said she sought a strategy based on “data and evidence, not ideology.” Clinton joked of the group’s 10th anniversary: “When does the cake come out? I was going to jump out of the cake.” Watch video from the group here.

[Soros is REALLY ready for Hillary - Washington Examiner: “George Soros, the billionaire Democratic donor, will join the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Ready for Hillary as a co-chair … after contributing $25,000 to the group…”]

Insurance policy - To avoid the liberal upset she faced in 2008, Clinton will need help from the group founded by her husband’s former Chief of Staff, John Podesta. Podesta helped steer President Obama’s transition in 2009 and the group has grown immensely in stature on the left during the Obama era. Clinton and CAP’s leaders haven’t always been on the same page. While Clinton indicated she supported building the Keystone Pipeline in 2010, the organization opposes it. (It’s worth noting Clinton later walked back that position, denying a permit for the project as Secretary of State.) During the 2008 campaign, Obama used Clinton’s initial support for attacking Saddam Hussein’s Iraq to drive a wedge between Clinton and liberal voters. Podesta’s group strongly opposed the war.

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