Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in her book due out Tuesday blames a new culprit for contributing to her election loss: Chief Justice John Roberts.

A source who obtained a copy of the book shared a passage from Clinton's book "What Happened" that describes her election loss as a consequence of Roberts' actions on the Supreme Court. Clinton writes on page 419 of the forthcoming book that "Trump actively tried to discourage people from voting at all. They used some of the same tactics as the Russians, including trafficking in fake news and under-the-radar Facebook attacks. Despicable stuff.

"But whatever Trump was up to was just the latest in a long-term Republican strategy to discourage and disenfranchise Democratic-leaning voters," she continues. "The Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts opened the floodgates by gutting the Voting Rights Act in 2013. When I was in the Senate, we voted to reauthorize the law 98 to 0 and President George W. Bush signed it. But Justice Roberts essentially argued that racism was a thing of the past, and therefore the country no longer needed key protections of the Voting Rights Act. It was one of the worst decisions the court has ever made.

"By 2016, 14 states had placed new restrictions on voting, including burdensome ID requirements aimed at weeding out students, poor people, the elderly and people of color. Republicans in many states also limited the number and hours of polling places, curtailed early voting and same-day registration, scrapped language assistance for non-English speakers, and purged large numbers of voters from the rolls, sometimes erroneously."

Clinton then cites the impact that the voter "suppression" had on the outcome of the election, particularly in Wisconsin.

"States with harsh new voting laws, such as Wisconsin, saw turnout dip 1.7 points, compared with a 1.3-point increase in states where the law didn't change," Clinton writes on page 420.

"In Wisconsin, where I lost by just 22,748 votes, a study from Priorities USA estimated that the new voter ID law helped reduce turnout by 200,000 votes, primarily from low-income and minority areas."

Priorities USA is a Democratic Party super PAC that supported Clinton's presidential bid.

"In short, voting laws matter. A lot," Clinton states on page 420. "Before the election, one Republican state representative in Wisconsin predicted the new law would help Trump pull off an upset in the state. It turns out he was right."

A representative for Simon and Schuster, the publisher of Clinton's book, did not immediately respond to request for comment and verification of the passages.