Hillary Clinton criticized former FBI Director James Comey on Wednesday for spending more time focused on the investigation into her private email server than on potential ties between Trump campaign associates and Russia.

"Comey was more than happy to talk about my emails, but he wouldn't talk about investigation of the Russians," Clinton said during an interview at Recode's Code Conference on Wednesday. "People went to vote on Nov. 8 having no idea that there was an active counterintelligence investigation going on of the Trump campaign."

Clinton was discussing Russia's interference in last year's election, and said her campaign saw evidence long before Election Day that Russia was attempting to undermine the election process.

However, the former Democratic presidential nominee said her campaign couldn't get the press to bite.

"What was happening to me was unprecedented," she said. "We were scrambling, and we went and told everybody we could find in the middle of the summer the Russians were messing with the election, and we were basically shooed away, like oh, there she goes, vast right-wing conspiracy. Now it's a vast Russia conspiracy. It turned out we were right."

Clinton also said few paid attention to the notion that the information spread on social media platforms like Facebook was influencing voters ahead of Election Day.

"I was the victim of a very broad assumption I was going to win," Clinton said. "It doesn't matter what you were going to do to her."