Although Hillary Clinton is undoubtedly happy that a sympathetic and excited press agreed to cover her new memoir, Hard Choices, she's apparently unimpressed with much of the reporting on her book tour.

And what a book tour it has been.

From one gaffe regarding her family's impressive wealth to the next, it appears that Clinton can't catch a break. And remember: Each Clinton misstep regarding her personal wealth has occurred during ridiculously easy softball interviews with a sympathetic press.

Still, rather than pull the plug on her less-than-stellar book tour, and take a moment to regroup and maybe try again, Clinton has decided to carry on, writing off the bad press as either “inaccurate” and “unimportant.”

Clinton said in a C-SPAN interview that will air July 5 that she hasn't really followed reports of her book tour because “a lot of it is inaccurate or unimportant to me."

"Do you follow everything that's written and said about you in the media?" C-SPAN's Steve Scully asked during the interview, which took place June 27 in Little Rock, Ark., according to Politico.

"I can't, Steve. I can't. It's just overwhelming," Clinton said. "I can't do it. So I skim it. If it's important it will come to me, I assume. A lot of it is inaccurate or unimportant to me. I try to keep up with it, but I can't possibly read it all. I would be doing nothing else."

The rest of the C-SPAN discussion, according to Politico, is a little more relaxed than Clinton’s most recent interviews and features her speaking at length about her tenure as secretary of state.