Hillary Clinton vowed Thursday to throw her energy into the liberal "resistance" movement that has emerged out of Democratic opposition to President Trump's agenda and told booksellers at an event in New York City that she is working with a political group that funds progressive candidates.

"I'm going to do everything I can to support the resistance," Clinton said in one of her first appearances aimed at promoting her upcoming memoir, which is due for publication in September.

Clinton again blamed her defeat in the presidential race on Russian interference, fake news stories and even the "double standard" that applies to female politicians, a theme that has emerged in the few public comments she has made about her loss since November. She said her memoir would go into those issues at length.

"I try to explain what happened and what that means for us to try to arm citizens, to try to give people as simple as possible an explanation that they can then go out and be active and speak up," the former Democratic presidential nominee said of the effect Russian interference had on the election.

Clinton said she funneled leftover campaign funds into a political group, Onward Together, that backs progressive candidates.