Hillary Clinton said Thursday the interference of the Russian government in the 2016 presidential election and the ad-libbed wheeling and dealing of the Trump administration makes her worried for the United States.

Clinton, speaking at BookExpo in New York City, said following her 2008 defeat to then-Sen. Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential primaries, she wasn't worried about the country. She couldn't feel more different now.

"I didn't worry about my country (after losing to Obama)," she said. "I am really worried (now) and I'm worried not just because there are partisan differences but we're living in such an abnormal time when we look at the way this White House is behaving about some of the biggest challenges we face."

Clinton, who made headlines with fiery remarks on Wednesday in California about the election, said the 2016 election defeat was far more painful than her loss to Obama in 2008.

She said she's "never felt the way I feel about this" loss, mostly due to the influence campaign the Russian government ran on the election.

The American intelligence community believes the Kremlin played a major role in the hacking of Democratic National Committee officials and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Those emails were then released publicly and Clinton has blamed the leaking of those emails, along with the media reports on the FBI investigation into her private server, as one of the myriad of reasons she lost in November.

American political debates are allowed to be as fierce and as polarizing as the citizenry allow them to be, Clinton said. But, those debates are meant to be kept between Americans — without foreign influence.

"I'm particularly concerned about the role Russia played and the very serious interference we know they were responsible for in our most fundamental democratic act," she said. "That in some ways is even more painful."