During the presidential election, Middle-Americans were just too stupid to vote Democrat. At least, that's one of the reasons why Hillary Clinton thinks she lost.

The former Democrat nominee refuses to walk away from politics, and in her new book explaining her defeat, she blames everyone from Putin in Moscow to blue collar voters in the Midwest. She has some particularly harsh words for that last group.

The poor white working class who helped vote her husband into office, Clinton argues, have made themselves perpetual martyrs.

"A culture of grievance, victimhood, and scapegoating has taken root as traditional values of self-reliance and hard work have withered," Clinton writes. "There's a tendency toward seeing every problem as someone else's fault whether it's Obama, liberal elites in the big cities, undocumented immigrants taking jobs, minority's groups soaking up assistance—or me."

In short, the thesis of Hillbilly Elegy was right. That seminal work of Appalachian anthropologist J.D. Vance, who Clinton namechecks elsewhere, correctly diagnosed 2016. "It's no accident that this list sounds exactly like Trump's campaign rhetoric," Clinton concludes.

And honestly, maybe she's right. So-called flyover country has been overlooked for a long time. There's a real resentment that has manufactured an unhealthy martyrdom in Middle America. But it's just too rich for Clinton to blast the irresponsibility of the electorate as she embraces victimhood. Hillbillies didn't lose Clinton that election. She did.

Philip Wegmann is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.