She's the strongest 2016 candidate the Democrats have, a Washington insider whose supporters say can get the most difficult tasks done, so it only make sense to Hillary Clinton's shadow presidential campaign to give her the title of Hercules.

The serious effort is having a little fun with its newest line of Clinton trinkets meant to raise money and build the likely presidential candidate’s brand.

Ready for Hillary, the group peppered with some of the party's best strategists, is now promoting the “H” in Hillary's name as a symbol of the mythical Greek hero known for his power and strength.

In their new line of apparel sold on the Ready for Hillary website, the group is promoting the “Herculean H” on T-shirts and baby outfits. Appropriately, the pink H stands out on the unisex T.

Their gear is already starting to show up around Washington, notably the free “Ready for Hillary” bumper sticker that Secrets has seen on several cars in Washington and Northern Virginia.

Paul Bedard, The Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at