The deputy social media director for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign admits she never had "the cool candidate."

"We were never the cool candidate," Emmy Bengtson wrote in a Medium post commemorating the one-year anniversary since the election. "It was very, very hard to convince people to 'come out' with their support of Hillary."

Bengtson, who started at Clinton's Brooklyn headquarters in May 2015, said instead the team "showed why knowing issues inside and out and never, ever quitting were worthy of the same respect."

Nov. 8, 2016, was "the best day and the worst night of my life," Bengtson recalled in the post.

She added that President Trump, a prolific Twitter user, "represents the most serious threat of political social media."

"Total lack of constraint becomes 'authenticity,' which supersedes sanity or competence," Bengtson continued. "It’s an approach that, like the rest of Trump’s ideology and policy agenda, assumes voters are too stupid to realize they’re being fucked with."

Bengtson, who now works as a nonprofit consultant for M+R, implored people discontent with Trump not to "just tweet."

"Work on a 2018 race in your state to take back the House and cripple Trump’s agenda," she said. "Work on a 2020 race to make the Democratic Party stronger and then, for the love of god, fire Trump."