Hillary Clinton continues to be the runaway favorite 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, according to a new Washington Post poll that pits her against local favorite son, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley.

The poll found that when asked "whom would you like to be the next Democratic presidential nominee," 46 percent chose Clinton, the former secretary of state and 2008 runner-up to President Obama in the Democratic primaries. Vice President Joe Biden came in a distant second, with 14 percent followed by O'Malley at 7 percent and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at 5 percent.

The poll was jarring in its rejection of O'Malley. The reason: It was a poll of 1,156 Marylanders. And consider the results of this Post poll question: "If Martin O'Malley were the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, would you definitely vote for him in the general election, would you consider voting for him or would you definitely not vote for him?"

Just 17 percent said they would "definitely vote" for their governor; 38 percent said they would "definitely not" vote for O'Malley, and 41 percent said they would consider voting for him.