Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced that she will no longer talk to the media about her accusations that New Jersey Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno threatened to restrict Hurricane Sandy federal funding.

Prior to her announcement, Zimmer made two appearances on CNN and one appearance on MSNBC to discuss her claims, but has quickly denied any further comment on the situation.

"The U.S. Attorney's Office has asked that we not conduct additional media interviews, and we are respecting their request,” read a statement from her office to the Jersey Journal on Wednesday.

But Zimmer was more than eager to give an interview to the New York Times on the same day to discuss her newfound political fame.

In a New York Times profile published Wednesday, Zimmer commented on her life as an "accidental politician."

“I joke with people, I grew a thicker skin,” she said to the Times. “It grew thicker by the day. My approach was let things roll off my shoulders.”

The Times article acknowledged that Zimmer's accusation prompted fierce debate in the state.

"Was there an unmistakable ultimatum made to an unbendable person? Or was this a misconstrued try at political horse-trading, the commingling of politics and policy?" the article noted.

Zimmer has also come under fire for changing her story. CNN noted Tuesday in a story about the allegations that Zimmer had told the network a week earlier that "she didn't think Sandy funds for her city were tied to any instance of political retribution."