Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson did nothing Sunday to quiet critics who charge that the Obama administration is poised to unilaterally weaken enforcement of U.S. immigration law.

In an interview with ABC's “This Week,” Johnson said his department's review of the deportation process affecting illegal immigrants was designed to come up with a more effective way to “enforce and administer” immigration law. Some Republicans have charged that this is code for relaxing border security and dropping efforts to deport illegal immigrants that are discovered to be living in the United States.

“Immigration laws or any other law needs to comport with American values, one of those American values is respect for human dignity. I also believe one of those American values is respect for the sanctity of the family unit,” Johnson said, before adding:

“I don’t understand those who say we are not enforcing the law. We are enforcing the law every day. None of what I can do, however, is a substitute for action by Congress. We have an immigration system in this country that is not working. Comprehensive immigration reform would fix that. This is something we need to do, I am confident it will happen.”