Critics of the film “Honor Diaries” are informing followers that the film, which is to be screened at Brandeis University on Wednesday, is nothing more than “anti-Islam propaganda.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has been protesting the film since its release, announced on its Facebook page Monday morning that the film would be screened at Brandeis University, and warned of the film's supposed Islamophobia.

CAIR previously attacked Brandeis for trying to award human rights advocate Ayaan Hirsi Ali with an honorary degree. Ali is an executive producer of "Honor Diaries."

Following CAIR’s insistence, Brandeis eventually pulled the honor from Ali.

It appears CAIR’s simple Facebook message and overall campaign against the film won’t do the trick this time.

Although the film's screening does not appear on the official campus calendar, there has been no announcement that the screening has been cancelled. In fact, a press release from the film's public relations contact notes that the screening will take place in Brandeis' Sherman Function Hall, which is larger than the original screening room listed by CAIR.

Far from being Islamophobic, "Honor Diaries" is about what women face around the world due to culture -- not religion. The film makes abundantly clear that the problems women face are not condoned by Islam, but by the men in charge who use culture and religion as an excuse to abuse women.