In the hours leading up to the administration's surprise decision Tuesday to delay implementation of Obamacare, the president's team gave no indication of the course reversal, in a way hiding it by spending $32 million on children's health care and announcing plans to expand the PR campaign.

One example: three and a half hours before notifying the public of the change in a Treasury Department blog post, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius held a conference call with reporters to announce a $32 million spending program to enroll poor and immigrant kids into the Children's Health Insurance Program.

"Every child in America should have access to the quality health care that they need," she said, giving no hint that Obamacare, which supplied the $32 million, was about to be sidelined.

What's more, she talked about how Obamacare's insurance exchanges were going to kick in on time "this fall."

Also on the call was top Medicare and Medicaid official Cindy Mann who, when asked about the National Football League deciding against helping in the Obamacare public relations effort, said that the administration still "reaching out" to other groups to help get Americans to sign up for the mandatory health insurance program.

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