House Republican leaders have for now abandoned efforts to pass the 2014 funding bill for the Department of Transportation, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and other related agencies, called THUD.

Republicans had hoped to pass the $44.1 billion bill before leaving town for the summer recess, but won’t have enough time to finish it because lawmakers want time to debate amendments.

They have pulled the bill from the floor.

“This week has gotten busier than expected, with the number of amendments being offered and limited time remaining for a full debate, so we’re going to finish the bill when we return,” an aide to Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., told the Washington Examiner.

The bill cuts $7.7 billion from current funding levels, in part by eliminating all funding for high-speed rail and other infrastructure projects. Democrats oppose the bill, so it would require majority backing from the GOP to pass.

The Democratically led Senate, meanwhile, is considering a separate THUD bill this week and will bring it to the floor for a key procedural vote on Thursday.

The Senate bill has a higher price tag, $54 billion, making it tougher for Republicans to support.

It's likely now that Congress will leave town until Sept. 9 without passing the THUD spending bill.