Legislation introduced by House appropriators Wednesday would cut IRS spending by $149 million from the fiscal 2017 level.

The legislation published by the House Appropriations Committee would provide $11.1 billion for the tax collection agency, holding it below the funding it had in 2008.

The bill also includes several "riders" restricting the IRS from pursuing certain regulations, in particular preventing the agency from moving forward with proposed rules on political nonprofits. Republicans have sought to reform the IRS in the wake of its targeting of conservative groups for heightened scrutiny.

In confirmation hearings, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin indicated an interest in increasing IRS staffing, a goal that would run counter to recent congressional Republican efforts to rein in the IRS.

President Trump's budget request, however, did not call for increased IRS funding. It did call for new funds for bolstering cybersecurity and information technology, which the bill released Wednesday included. Altogether, the proposed spending level is $111 million above the White House budget request.