A guest chaplain in the House on Tuesday lamented that the modern news cycle, complete with its minute-by-minute expression in social media, is drowning out the word of God.

Rev. Alisa Lasater Wailoo of the Capitol Hill United Methodist Church delivered the House prayer during a pro forma session of Congress on Tuesday and started by praying for victims of flooding in Houston, Texas. But she also called on everyone to make sure they can still hear God above the din of the news and the constant chatter about the news.

"Lord, we also pray that as Jesus rose up in the stern that you will awaken us to the storms of our own making, the whirlwinds of distrust, because we fall for the temptation to spin situations, and don't always tell the whole truth to ourselves and one another," she said on the House floor. "The gale winds of anger, because we refuse to see the injustices and wounds from which these frustrations flow."

"The floods from the endless news cycle and social media, causing us to miss your still small sacred voice," Wailoo added.

"So speak Lord, now to each of us, and through your word, anchor our hearts in your truth that speaks only in love, in your compassion for all who suffer, and in your promises, until we like Noah remember the rainbow and trust you to lead us together through the storm."