Some House conservatives believe Speaker John Boehner won't seek the gavel in 2015 and one called his alleged move to crush a GOP uprising against him “boneheaded.”

Five lawmakers participating in monthly conservative roundtable were asked whether they believed the Ohio Republican would return for a third term as House speaker. The group was also asked about reports that Boehner allies were looking to punish GOP lawmakers who try to block the House from electing him speaker.

Of the five conservatives, only Reps. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, and Matt Salmon, R-Arizona, responded to the retaliation allegations.

Both Salmon and Labrador said Boehner won't run for speaker again, but only Salmon would comment on the retaliation plot against Boehner opponents.

“That would be the most boneheaded move,” Salmon said. “Even making that kind of threat is a boneheaded move.”

Salmon said Boehner should instead work with his rank and file “to make sure we are adhering to the principles that the majority sees as the right way to go.”

Labrador refused to comment on the alleged threats from Boehner supporters but had this to say about his future as speaker next year: “I don’t think he runs.”

Labrador is among a group of conservatives who meets regularly with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., who some believe would be Boehner's most likely successor.

Lawmakers and pundits have been speculating about whether Boehner will return as speaker. With a majority of the entire House needed to elect him, Boehner can only lose the votes of a handful of Republicans and still hold onto the gavel, assuming the GOP retains most of its seats in November.

Boehner has lost the support of some in the most conservative wing of the House GOP who believe he is not fiscally conservative. They also oppose his talk of wanting to take up an immigration reform bill that they believe could lead to legalizing or providing a path to citizenship for the 11 million people now living here illegally.

Some of the disgruntled conservatives have been talking about a plan to block his election by banding together to oppose him.

A group of conservatives considered a similar move in 2012 but backed down at the last minute.

In May, Boehner, 64, said he expects to return as speaker, but would not pledge to serve out a full third term in the position.

The election of the speaker takes place on the opening day of each new Congress.