Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, said Tuesday he believes the federal government will need to spend at least $100 billion to help Houston and other areas of Texas cope with massive flooding that is still getting worse.

"Having seen New Orleans, having seen what's happened here in Houston and continually monitoring it, I'm convinced we're talking in excess of $100 billion," Green said on C-SPAN Tuesday morning.

The federal government ended up spending $120 billion to help New Orleans recover from Hurricane Katrina, which hit that city 12 years ago. However, that effort started with $51 billion in aid, and grew from there.

Green said that based on the damage he's seen, he thinks the recovery effort will take a decade or more.

"This is not a matter of months, weeks, years. This may be more than a decade in the making, this recovery," he said. "It's going to expansive and expensive."

President Trump left the White House on Tuesday morning to visit Texas, and Green said he wants Trump to talk today about how the federal government will help Houston recover from the worst flooding it's ever seen.

"I want to hear the president talk about how we are going to recover," he said. Green also warned that the legislative package shouldn't be weighed down in politics, and should instead be aimed at helping as many people as possible.

"This is what the government is for, the security of people," he said.

"This has been an epic event," Green added. "This is something that you just don't see in your lifetime if you're lucky."