Rep. Brendan Boyle, D-Pa., introduced legislation on Thursday to eliminate the debt ceiling entirely, an idea President Trump has said he could discuss.

"The debt ceiling, and the constant crisis it creates through repeated threats of government shutdown, is unnecessary and problematic to say the least," Boyle said. "It's no wonder that only a handful of countries around the world currently follow this disruptive, arbitrary, and restrictive fiscal practice."

His bill to abolish the debt ceiling was introduced on the same day that Trump indicated he might be open to the idea.

Just hours after Trump stuck a deal with Democrats to suspend the debt ceiling for three months, Trump said the idea of ending the cap on federal borrowing "could be discussed."

"For many years people have been talking about getting rid of debt ceiling altogether, and there are a lot of good reasons to do that," Trump said. "So, certainly that is something that could be discussed. We even discussed it at the meeting we had yesterday."

The debt ceiling puts a cap on how much the government can borrow, and the U.S. hit the ceiling in mid-March.

Since then, the Treasury Department has used "extraordinary measures" to limit borrowing and keep the total borrowing level under the cap.

On Friday, the House passed the bill to suspend the debt ceiling, and Trump is expected to sign it as early as today.