House Republicans on Thursday appeared to have a deal that will ensure a short-term spending bill passes later tonight, after conservative lawmakers talked with President Trump, lawmakers said Thursday.

"I think we are in very good shape," Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said after the meeting.

The vote is scheduled for 7 p.m.

The conservative House Freedom Caucus, which had mostly been withholding support for the deal, said they were open to voting for the spending bill in exchange for new initiatives that would keep the Defense Department more adequately funded.

Freedom Caucus members then met, and the majority are now prepared to vote for the bill, all but assuring it will pass.

According to lawmakers, Republican leaders promised to determine whether they had the vote to pass a border security bill authored by Reps. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., and Raul Labrador, R-Idaho. The bill would call for a southern border wall and other immigration changes, including an end to chain migration. It would also protect so-called Dreamers who came here illegally as children. It is the most conservative of immigration reform proposals and would probably not pass in the Senate.

The Freedom Caucus members said GOP leaders also promised legislation that would benefit the military, which has suffered from years of budget cuts.

"I can tell you we made real good progress," said House Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows, R-N.C.

President Trump phoned the caucus earlier Thursday and spoke to lawmakers about the need to pass the spending bill. He also discussed the need to improve military spending, Meadows said.

But if the spending bill passes the House, it may not clear the Senate. Democrats have promised to filibuster the measure and some Republicans may also oppose it.

A Senate vote would follow House passage later tonight.