House Republicans are disinclined from holding a late New Year’s Eve vote, meaning that the nation may technically go over the fiscal cliff after midnight, even if the Senate reaches a last minute deal.

“Rather than hold votes in the dark of the night it would make more sense to hold a vote in daylight tomorrow if the Senate comes up with a deal today,” a House leadership aide told the Washington Examiner.

The thinking is that with New Year’s Day being a holiday, it’s arbitrary whether a vote on a final deal is tonight or tomorrow, so it would be better to give members additional time to read the bill and understand what they’re voting on. Technically, however, taxes would go up on virtually every American on January 1.

The aide wouldn’t comment on whether the outlines of the emerging deal being hashed out between Vice President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell could pass muster in the GOP-controlled House, saying only that the House was “waiting to see what the Senate comes up with.”