House Republicans will kick off the legislative effort for tax reform next week with a hearing being held by the Ways and Means Committee.

"Our hearing is an important step forward as we work with President Trump and our Senate colleagues on delivering historic pro-growth tax reform for the first time in 30 years," said committee Chairman Kevin Brady of Texas in announcing the Thursday morning hearing.

Hearings are the first step in the legislative process. Brady has said that he aims to coordinate with the administration to arrive at a agreed-on bill for moving later this year.

Thursday's announcement did not include a specific topic hearing beyond "how tax reform will grow our economy and create jobs across America."

The committee has no shortage of topics to discuss, though, including the vast number of tax breaks that might be targeted by Congress for elimination as part of the attempt to lower tax rates.

"Our tax code is broken," said Rep. Peter Roskam of Illinois, the chairman of the tax subcommittee. "It stifles economic growth, puts American businesses at a major disadvantage and hurts American families."