A congressman on the House Intelligence Committee claims the court that oversees warrant applications for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act knew of the political origins of the "Trump dossier."

According to a transcript of a Monday night meeting, Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn., said there is something in the Democratic members’ own intelligence memo that shows the FISA court judge “was alerted” that the author of the dossier, Christopher Steele, was commissioned by opposition research group Fusion GPS, which was paid in part by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

“I suspect the existence of a fully unbiased source or informant is extraordinarily rare, if not nonexistent,” Himes said Monday. “As we all know, law enforcement and intelligence paying for information is hardly conventional.”

According to a memo released a week ago by the Republican majority on House Intelligence, the government did not tell the FISA court judge that Steele’s research was politically motivated.

But, Himes says in "page five: of the Democratic memo there is something that proves otherwise."

“To others, who are concerned about whether the FBI, in fact, alerted the judges in the affidavit to the possible motivation of this particular source,” Himes said. “I can’t talk about it in open session, but I can direct you to the bottom of page five in our memorandum in a way that should both satisfy you that the judge was alerted.”

Himes continued: “So I would just direct attention to the bottom of page five for those who are concerned that the judge was not informed.”

House Intelligence voted Monday night to release the Democratic memo rebuffing the GOP memo. President Trump was then given five days to receive the memo and recommend redactions before release, or explicitly object to its release. The committee released the transcript from Monday's meeting late Friday.

Earlier Friday, Trump said the 10-page memo would be released “soon.”