The House Intelligence Committee sent two Republican staffers to London this summer to meet with Christopher Steele, the former British intelligence operative who wrote a 35-page dossier about President Trump and Russia, according to a report Friday morning.

The unnamed House aides visited at least two addresses that were associated with the former British MI6 foreign intelligence service agent, including the office for Steele's lawyer.

The dossier contained unverified and explosive allegations about the Trump campaign's relationship with Moscow, but has remained mostly out of the news cycle since it was published last year. Conservatives on the House Intelligence Committee meanwhile have quietly been looking into Steele.

Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, the entire Senate Intelligence Committee, and special counsel Robert Mueller were not informed about the GOP staffers' trip to England, much less the group's investigation into Steele, according to Politico.

Democrats have claimed Republicans would rather work to discredit the dossier than look into truth in the allegations.

Senate officials had been trying to set up a separate meeting with 53-year-old Steele, but now worry he may not work with the upper chamber.

U.S.-based opposition research firm Fusion GPS paid Steele to create the dossier during last year's presidential campaign. The government document was released to the media.