Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs never expected to be hitting home runs in his first year, but he also didn't expect to the GOP agenda to be benched by acrimony and the media's focus on Russia's election involvement.

"It's a mixed bag," said Biggs, the former president of Arizona's state senate and a rising GOP star. "It's a bit frustrating."

Biggs said President Trump and Republican Congressmen are moving on immigration, cutting regulation, and boosting the Pentagon, but that story isn't getting out. "We have to do a better job messaging," he said.

Then, there's the Washington media and its fixation on Russia. "If you mention the word ‘Russia,' it's Pavlovian to CNN and the New York Times," he said, warning that the media is out to "delegitimize the president."

Biggs isn't a complaining first-term backbencher. He has pushed his way into key debates and lately helped lead the fight to cancel the August recess to force action on Obamacare and the budget.

Still, he said, "We haven't done what I think we should do."

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