House Republicans on Friday set up four hours of debate on a bill to partially repeal and replace Obamacare, which President Trump and GOP leaders hope to see clear the House by Friday afternoon.

The House Rules Committee met just after 7 a.m., and debate the rule for nearly two hours before finally approving it.

Republicans were expected to rush the rule to the House floor immediately. After a one-hour debate, lawmakers will vote on the rule, and if it passes as expected, that will start a four-hour debate on the final bill.

Republicans in Congress and the White House have been laboring all week to find enough conservative lawmakers to support the bill. Conservatives say the bill doesn't go far enough to repeal Obamacare, but Republicans say not all of the law can be repealed under the special rules they are using to allow the bill to pass in the Senate.

On Thursday, Republicans added several sweeteners to get conservatives onboard. They include the repeal of federal rules requiring all health plans to cover "essential health benefits," and letting states make those decisions.

GOP leaders also included more money to cover maternity and newborn case, mental health disorders, and substance abuse.