The House passed an amendment to its 2018 spending bill on Wednesday that would bar the Environmental Protection Agency from enforcing an Obama administration rule to limit methane emissions from oil and natural gas wells.

The measure, sponsored by Rep. Markwayne Mullin, R-Okla., passed 218-195.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt had imposed a two-year delay on the implementation of the regulation to review the rules and potentially roll them back.

But in July, a federal appeals court blocked the Trump administration from eliminating the methane rule.

The Republican-led effort to block funding to enforce the rule faces long odds in the Senate, where Democrats could filibuster the measure because of the chamber's 60-vote threshold. Republicans hold 52 Senate seats.

In other environmental-related votes, the House approved an amendment Wednesday blocking the social cost of carbon from being used in future government rule making.

Social cost of carbon is a metric created by the Obama administration to inform the strength of regulations by weighing the cost savings to society from eliminating carbon emissions.

Mullin also sponsored that amendment, which passed 225-196.

The House also voted down an amendment that would have cut the EPA's funding by $1.87 billion.

The measure, sponsored by Rep. Ralph Norman, R-S.C., failed by a vote of 151-260.