Most Americans dread being selected for jury duty, but not Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.

The senior senator said serving has been on her bucket list for a long time. On Monday she got her wish. McCaskill not only reported cheery-eyed and eager to be selected, she live tweeted the event for constituents and Twitter followers.

She quickly learned sitting next to an outlet was critical for keeping that smartphone charged.

As McCaskill waited to learn if she would be selected for duty, she was told the rate of pay in return for serving is not so good.

McCaskill was passed in the first panel and forced to wait for the second selection. She looked around at her fellow Missourians and made note of what they were doing to pass the time.

Then it was time for the next selection. McCaskill had high hopes.

She's passed again. A knitter was chosen in her place.

The senator was asked by a woman what she wore for the occasion. McCaskill's answer was straight to the point.

She noticed a TV in the room everyone left were waiting in, made a jab that would displease left-leaning voters.

The clock ticked slower...

Suddenly the remaining folks were told there will be a third calling.

She was chosen!

McCaskill was in the hallway when someone recognized her.

But before the fun could start...

Just because she has a six-figure salary, doesn't mean she's above brown-bagging her lunch.

She also gives a pro-tip on what to wear to jury duty.

After a torturous lunch, it was time for business.

She was chosen as a juror!