They froze to death.

All 300 members of a troupe of performing fleas succumbed to freezing temperatures this week, leaving flea circus director Robert Birk scrambling to find and train a new troupe before a fair in Mechernich-Kommern. Birk said this was the first time his entire troupe had frozen to death at once.

Luckily, a local insect expert was able to provide 50 fleas before the first performance Sunday.

What kind of pizza could win two Maryland residents a trip to Las Vegas?

Somerset County residents Brenda and Harry Jackson have entered Brenda's Saucy Shrimp N Broccoli Pizza recipe in the 46th Pillsbury Bake-off Contest.

The recipe has already won Brenda a spot as one of 60 semifinalists. If she is among the 33 finalists, she will travel to Las Vegas in November to compete for the million-dollar prize.

Pizza ingredients include Parmesan cheese sauce, shrimp, broccoli, fresh basil and a flatbread crust.

How many U.S. presidents have been to the church where the Obamas observed Easter?

Since St. John's Episcopal Church held its first service in October 1816, every single president has attended a service there, making President Obama the 41st to do so, according to the church.

Located close to the White House in Lafayette Square, the church is known unofficially as "The Church of the Presidents." Nine rows back from the altar, Pew 54 is designated by a small plaque as "The President's Pew."

The Associated Press contributed reporting.