It wasn't that long ago that journalist Tim Mak left the Washington Examiner to join the staff of the Daily Beast.

And now it may not be that long before Democrats in the nation's capital do everything they can think of to run Mak out of town.

Here's why: Mak has committed the unforgivable sin of reporting the ugly truth about Democrats, hypocrisy and race in political campaigns.

Minorities paid less

On Monday, Mak wrote this in an eye-opening post headlined "Democrats pay Black staffers 30 percent less" than whites:

"For example, African-American staffers on Democratic campaigns were paid 70 cents for each dollar their white counterparts made. For Hispanic staffers in Democratic campaigns, the figure was 68 cents on the dollar.

"And a recent study by PowerPAC+, funded by a major Democratic donor, revealed that less than 2 percent of spending by Democratic campaign committees during the past two election cycles went to firms owned by minorities."

Problems on both sides

There are disparities on both sides of the partisan aisle, according to Mak, but the Democratic deficits are in marked contrast to the party's reliance upon minority voters on Election Day.

Liberal conventional wisdom ascribes such disparities to white racism, and that view is reliably echoed by the campaign authorities quoted by Mak.

The irony of explaining their own conduct by referencing an alleged societal sin they presumably seek to eradicate was apparently lost on those folks.

GOP campaigns pay more but ...

That said, one of the studies on which Mak's analysis is based was done by the New Organizing Institute, a liberal-oriented think tank that is heavily into data analysis.

After re-weighting the results in an attempt to account for multiple unavoidable problems with data collection for the study, the NOI study exposed a good news/bad news wrinkle on the GOP side of the equation.

Republican campaigns pay from 20.7 percent to 27.5 percent more than average for minority campaign workers. That's the good news.

The bad news is that GOP campaign candidates and managers hire far fewer minorities than do Democrats, by a factor of four-to-one.

On the other hand

But maybe economics rather than race best explains these figures. There is a surplus of minorities available to Democratic campaigns, which would tend to put downward pressure on salaries.

On the Republican side, there are too few minorities available to satisfy demand, which puts upward pressure on compensation.

So why do markedly more minority campaign workers choose to work for a party that pays them so much lesser than it does whites?

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