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• How low can he go? Bad numbers could doom ObamaCare
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• Snoozers are losers

HOW LOW CAN HE GO? BAD NUMBERS COULD DOOM OBAMACARE - Experts said the White House was lowballing when it set its initial threshold for ObamaCare success: A half-million enrollees in October, the launch month for the troubled entitlement program. How about a tenth of that? That’s what we expect to see this week when the administration coughs up its official numbers. Fox News Chief National Correspondent Jim Angle reports that only about 50,000 Americans will have signed up for the partially subsidized insurance program. With the administration setting a minimum threshold of 7 million partially paying customers by the end of March to keep the new entitlement afloat (and prevent a “death spiral” for private insurance) numbers this bad mean substantial changes are ahead for President Obama’s signature achievement  –  and he may not have the political clout to stave them off.

Obama job approval: worst gap yet - The gap between President Obama’s approval and disapproval – the most reliable indicator of public dissatisfaction with the chief executive – has hit its worst point ever. The latest RCP average shows the largest spread of his presidency, 11.2 points. The largest previous gap, 10.2 points, came in August 2011 amid a souring economy and a debt-ceiling debacle.  

[Watch Fox: Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, reacts to reports of ObamaCare’s enrollment numbers in the 9 a.m. ET hour]

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