D.C. city hall leaders on Tuesday unveiled their gift to new moms returning to the workplace: a new room to quietly pump in peace.

Mayor Vincent Gray and a few other interested parties crammed into the tiny (but private!) quarters to officially christen the lactation room in city hall fashion. After all, who doesn't love a good ribbon-cutting?

"It will provide a clean and private space for mothers to provide breast milk and also to nurse their children, which we think is an important step forward and brings us yet another step into the 21st century," Gray said as a few expectant moms watched on. "This is really a nice step forward, recognizing that we can help moms get back to work and make it an easy process for them."

Department of General Services Director Brian Hanlon added that the room's setup is now part of "standard design criteria" for city buildings. The rooms come complete with a fridge, microwave, sofa, CD player, hand sanitizer and electrical outlets for breast pumps.