The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits ticked up 1,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 326,000, a level consistent with steady job gains. The figure is close to pre-recession levels and indicates companies are laying off few workers.

Here are the states with the biggest increases and decreases in applications. The state data is for the week that ended Jan. 11, one week behind the national data:

States with the biggest decreases:

New York: Down 18,019, due to fewer layoffs in transportation and warehousing, food services, and education

Georgia: Down 7,278, due to fewer layoffs in manufacturing, administration, construction and hotels and restaurants

Alabama: Down 2,639, due to fewer layoffs in manufacturing, transportation and warehousing

Wisconsin: Down 2,577, no reason given

South Carolina: Down 1,810, due to fewer layoffs in manufacturing

States with the biggest increases:

Texas: Up 12,800, no reason given

California: Up 8,319, due to layoffs in agriculture and wholesale trade

Pennsylvania: Up 7,107, due to more layoffs in construction and administrative support

Indiana: Up 6,622, no reason given

Florida: Up 5,790, due to layoffs in agriculture, construction, manufacturing and retail