The media bias that matters the most is omission. Specifically, the mainstream media that reach the masses ignore many of the relevant scandals, deceptions, and failures of President Obama. President Bush got more scrutiny on these matters, and I think Mitt Romney does, too.

So the best thing Romney could do tonight is not try to win arguments about which economic policy is best, or deliver zingers, but to bust out the facts about Obama and force the media to talk about them.

Obama tonight will pretend that he’s spent four years battling Wall Street lobbyists and standing athwart the revolving door crying “Halt!” This is demonstrably false, and Romney should demonstrate it.

For instance, Dodd-Frank was a gift to hedge funds. Obama’s industrial policy always involves taxpayer subsidies to banks. And the revolving door between the administration and Wall Street is spinning as fast as ever.

It’s also worthwhile for Romney to point out that Obamacare was largely written by the drug industry, and that the law helps big pharma at everyone else’s expense.

If they do talk about non-economic issues, Romney could bring attention to Obama’s unauthorized intervention in Libya and the White House’s misleading reports about the terrorist attack that killed the U.S. consulate. (Remember WH spokesman Jay Carney swearing, for days, that this was caused by a Youtube movie?)

There are plenty of damning things about Obama that the big mainstream outlets have ignored. Romney, if he brings them up tonight, can force the media to pay attention to them.

Romney did this against Newt Gingrich during the Republican primary, when he busted out the fact that Gingrich’s supervisor at Freddie Mac was the company’s top lobbyist — poking a hole in Gingrich’s insistence that he never lobbied.

Facts can convince people more than arguments.