All those parties, all those balls, all those opportunities to have a makeup meltdown. Yeas & Nays talked to Michelle Marcello, a freelance makeup artist at Aveda Georgetown who has powdered the faces of presidents and TV news personalities, about how to stay fresh through a busy inaugural weekend.

"I know bright is in, but you've got to be a master of balance," she explained, adding that there are two different looks a woman can go for. "One is a nude lip ... like the corals and softer pinks and they always match that with a strong smoky eye," she said, adding that women should match their blush with their lipstick. "And then with a strong lip, like all the reds, you've got to balance it out with a nice liner and lashes, but don't go overboard," she said.

Strong, clean eyebrows are also big this season, and Marcello has a smart way for them to stay put. "A trick is to put [hair]spray on a toothbrush and have your brows have a nice clean look," she said.

Finally, for dewy skin Marcello suggested using a mineral foundation, a light powder and then spraying the face with a little bit of toner. "And to keep it fresh all night, make sure you pack your lipstick and your powder," she concluded.