Obamacare is destroying bad private health insurance companies, which is why so many people are losing their current health insurance, according to former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean.

"What this is doing is driving the fly-by-night insurance companies out of the market," Dean said on ABC's "This Week" after the Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol predicted that about 85 percent of people with individual insurance policies will lose their current plan.

Dean's assessment is a soft iteration of the contention from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who argues that the health care law will collapse and take the private health insurance industry down with it. Dean only thinks that it will eliminate companies that he regards as bad actors.

Kristol pressed Dean about his definition of such a company, asking, "when Blue Shield and these huge companies drop 300,000 people in Florida, those are fly-by-night insurance companies?"

Dean settled on arguing that "even good companies have crappy policies with enormous deductibles."