Not one person wanted Hillary Clinton to win the presidency more than Donald Trump, Howard Stern told his SiriusXM radio listeners.

"Believe me, nobody wanted Hillary to win more than Donald Trump. He didn't need this. He's got the kind of life you dream of," Stern said, according to The Hill.

Trump said last week he thought being president "would be easier" than his former life as a real estate mogul.

"I loved my previous life. I had so many things going," he told Reuters. "This is more work than in my previous life."

Stern ticked off a list Trump's accomplishments that he thinks politicians are envious of.

"He's made billions of dollars — that he has his own helicopter, he has his own airplane. He has a hot wife. He's got fame from a No. 1 television show. He can walk around Mar-a-Lago, which is like any palace better than the fucking White House," Stern said.

The radio show host, who has interviewed Trump numerous times over the years, thinks Trump had fun campaigning because of the positive attention from his rally crowds, but had no idea "the shitty life he was gonna have" as president.

"He's sitting in the fucking White House dreaming about getting to Mar a Lago, where he was," Stern said. "He's trapped at the White House."