DENVER— Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee criticized the Supreme Court for acting with absolute authority on same-sex marriage and condemned President Obama for changing his position on the issue.

"Over the past couple of days our country has two examples of some of the most blatant, disturbing, disgusting examples of judicial activism in the history of these United States," Huckabee said on stage at the Western Conservative Summit Saturday morning. "And I want to be very clear that we don't have a Supreme Court, we have an extreme court."

He went on to explain that he believes the court has forgotten their place amongst the separation of powers, and is acting like the supreme branch of government, un-writing "the laws of nature and the laws of natures god" this past week with their decision regarding Obamacare and same-sex marriage.

"Rather than us wring[ing] our hands and say[ing], 'Oh the Supreme Court has ruled,' why can't we realize that the Supreme Court cannot make a law?" Huckabee asked the crowd. "They can review it, they can recommend, but they do not have the constitutional authority to actually make a law. And when I hear people who have supposedly passed 9th grade Civics and many of them have gone to laws school, many of them pretend that once the Supreme Court has said something, we all must bow and worship at the altar of judicial supremacy."

Huckabee called out Obama for changing his stance on same-sex marriage throughout his presidency. When Obama ran for Senate in 2004 he stated that he opposed gay marriage, and he reiterated that stance in his 2006 book The Audacity of Hope. He changed his tune during his 2012 inaugural address, firmly advocating for same-sex marriage, and pushing it in to being the law of the land, as affirmed by the Supreme Court of Friday.

A traditional conservative of deep Christian faith, the former Arkansas governor condemned Obama for vacillating on his faith-based principles, stating that "One of three things is true — he was lying in 2008, he's lying now or God rewrote the Bible and Barack Obama is the only one who got the new edition," Huckabee said.