TAMPA, Fla. -- When bleary-eyed reporters and convention delegates arrive at the Huffington Post Oasis just outside the Republican National Convention, Arianna Huffington appears almost like a mirage. Then, she snaps into action.

"Would you like to do some yoga?" she greets folks, shaking hands, introducing others as new friends. "Do you know each other?" she mused.

"I love meeting people and welcoming people and making sure everybody is taken care of," she told Yeas & Nays.

Huffington set up "Oasis" at the Democratic National Convention in Denver in 2008, but this year her pop-up relaxation station will be at both party conventions, offering attendees free massages, meals and make-up touch-ups, among other services.

"I think it's very important for us that despite political differences there is a place where we can all come together," she explained.

Her memories of conventions past include multiple bouts of exhaustion. "I remember in 1996, when the convention was in Chicago and San Diego, I was doing 'Strange Bedfellows' with Al Franken," she recalled. "I, literally, remember lying on the floor to just get some energy back, to keep going."

In 2000, she cried. "I was so exhausted, that I'm literally tearing up and becoming really reactive, at the slightest thing gone wrong," she said.

This time around, she's holding court at her two-story spa. "I'm having a great convention," she laughed.

By Tuesday, the Oasis had attracted Beth Myers and Ashley O'Connor of the Romney campaign, former RNC chairman Michael Steele, journalists Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, the Creative Coalition's Tim Daly and actor Evan Handler, best known for his role as Harry on "Sex and the City."

Handler and Daly made a quick stop Monday to grab some travel-sized Fresh face masks. "See you Harry," someone shouted on his way out.