The "Jon2012Girls," better known as Abby, Liddy and Mary Anne Huntsman, reemerged over the weekend at an Emporio Armani event at Tysons Galleria. Being that it was a fashion event, the trio didn't shy away from discussing who, in politics, they thought needed a fashion tune-up: mainly Sarah Palin and their dad.

"I think Sarah Palin needs a little bit of help," Liddy Huntsman said, suggesting that she dress sleeker. As for dad, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, he just needs a little help picking out clothes.

"He's a brilliant mind, but sometimes he'll come out of his closet and we're like, 'how did you put that together?' " Abby said. "He'll sometimes put on shorts with hiking boots and socks and a big jacket ... He and Sarah Palin probably fit in the same mold," she continued. The sisters also recalled a favorite T-shirt he won't throw away. "He has a David Letterman shirt that he's worn for [more than] 25 years, he still wears it everyday," Abby said.

On the girls' best dressed list: Michelle Obama, the first daughters and Ann Romney. "It's hard in politics because you have to play it safe, you have to wear the same blue or red tie, unless you're Herman Cain and you wear the gold tie every single time," Abby noted. "But I also think Ann Romney's done a good job of being a little more hip than she probably normally would be, obviously she has people helping her dress, but I thought in the debates both wives looked beautiful -- and the Obama girls always look absolutely adorable."