Federal immigration officers say they will deport an Ohio man who is the sole provider and medical caregiver of a young paraplegic boy.

According to a statement from the Detroit office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement sent to the Cincinnati Enquirer, 27-year-old Yancarlos Mendez will be deported after overstaying his visit under the Visa Waiver Program denying an appeal.

Mendez’s story gained attention earlier this week following a profile on his unique situation as a caregiver and provider to Ricky Solis, the six-year-old paraplegic son of his fiancee Sandra Mendoza.

Solis’s father is no longer in the picture after he had physically and emotionally abused his mother, leaving Mendez as his only “father figure” since moving in with them in 2014.

Mendez and Mendoza underwent medical training to take care of Ricky after he became paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident and Mendoza quit her job to take care of her son around the clock, leaving Mendez as the sole provider for the household.

However, Mendez has been in county jail since he was stopped for driving without a valid license for the second time. Afterwards the country sheriff’s office alerted immigration officials.

The family’s immigration attorney appealed to have the deportation suspended for one year due to hardships the family will face, but the request was denied.

"ICE has carefully reviewed his case and determined he was ineligible for any agency relief, and as such will move forward with his repatriation to his home country,” officials said.

Mendez provided for the family as an auto mechanic, and without him, Mendoza said she is struggling to pay their $565 of rent this month.