Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently released the private information of hundreds of people who called the agency’s Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office.

ICE not only posted call logs and the information from them on their website, but the agency also released some private information to the Arizona Republic through a Freedom of Information Act request.

According to the news outlet, the release of the call logs to the hotline on its website is a violation of agency policies, as well as federal government privacy laws

In a written statement, ICE officials admitted that the agency was at fault when it posted private information that was "protected by policy and law."

"When the agency receives evidence suggesting that non-releasable information is unintentionally available, immediate actions are taken to ensure proper mitigation both to correct and to prevent further disclosures," the statement said.

The VOICE office was created by President Trump in February 2017, with the original intent to "answer questions from victims." Trump has made cracking down on illegal immigration the cornerstone of his administration.

The Arizona Republic reported that instead, callers have treated it has a crime hotline by accusing people of being illegal immigrants or violating immigration laws.

To fix the situation, ICE said it temporarily removed and reviewed the entire contents of its Freedom of Information Act Library — which inappropriately contained thousands of pages of data and documents ICE had previously released in response to FOIA requests. The contents of ICE's FOIA library were restored on Oct. 16, the agency said.

ICE is also offering "identity-threat monitoring services to people affected by the improper disclosure of their private information."