President Obama hasn't met with Immigration and Customs Enforcement union boss Chris Crane, and neither have the corporate leaders set to lobby Congress in favor of the Senate immigration bill.

"They do not represent the interests of your constituents, the law enforcement community, or the nation itself," Crane wrote in a Monday letter to House lawmakers.

"They are interested in power and money. ICE officers are pleading with you to resist their well-financed pressure campaign and stand with American citizens and the immigration officers who put their own personal safety at risk each day to provide for public safety. The American public is fed up with rich individuals, corporations and special interests using money to control the legislative process," he said.

Crane, who is often critical of the Department of Homeland Security and many of the proponents of the latest immigration bill, has long sought a meeting with the government officials crafting the latest legislation. The Senate's informal Gang of Eight rejected his requests for a meeting, as have White House officials.

“No reforms to our immigration system will succeed as long as federal officials can continue to unilaterally select which laws are to be enforced — and which are not — based on their own political agendas,” Crane wrote in April.