Are viewers over "American Idol"?

Despite the show throwing big bucks at big-name judges, the season 12 premiere Wednesday night had 19 percent fewer viewers than the season 11 premiere.

Perhaps "Idol" has been replaced by some of the newer, flashier singing competition shows.

Or perhaps it was the Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj feud that began during filming last year that turned viewers off. Either way, the show is paying millions for the pop stars and their fellow judge Keith Urban, who all signed on last year.

According to E! News, insiders who work on the show say they believe the bickering between Nicki and Mariah is at least partly to blame for the ratings decline.

"People wonder if the fight was faked to get people talking about the new season," an insider at Fox told E!. "It was not fake. And when the video came out, there was a lot of concern among Fox execs that there could be impact on the ratings. The judges need to be likable."

According to Entertainment Weekly, the series had the lowest-rated and least-watched regular-season premiere telecast ever (the first season aired during the summer and generally isn't counted, EW says).

That means that the "Idol" premiere will not be the most-watched entertainment show this week -- Tuesday's "NCIS" had more viewers. This marks the first time another series had more viewers than "Idol" during its regular season premiere week.

Don't mess with Monaco

Nicole Kidman's latest film, the Grace Kelly biopic "Grace of Monaco," is being blasted by the late actress's family for "historical untruths."

Prince Albert of Monaco, Grace's son, along with Monaco's royal family, is decrying the film after producers reportedly claimed that they had the family's backing.

"The Princely family wishes to emphasise that this film is by no means a biopic," the palace said, ripping the project for being a work of "major historical untruths and a series of purely fictional scenes."

The film takes place during a six-month stretch in 1962 and is being touted as a "moment in the late icon's remarkable life."

It is set to hit theaters in 2014.