A 40-year-old illegal immigrant is behind bars after he abducted a 15-year-old from New York, moved her into his apartment in Silver Spring and had sex with her, according to charging documents.

Edgar Daniel Mazariegos-Cifuentes was charged last week with transportation with intent to engage in criminal sexual activities, a crime that carries a penalty of at least 10 years in prison.

On Aug. 13, in Monroe, N.Y., the girl got into an argument with her mother and called Mazariegos, a family friend, and said she did not want to stay with her mother any longer, documents said.

Mazariegos drove to pick up the girl who told him that she wanted to go to her uncle's house in Boston. Instead, Mazariegos took the girl to Silver Spring and took her phone away so she could not call home, court documents said.

Mazariegos rented a hotel room at a Comfort Inn in Silver Spring. He then forced the girl to have sex, she told police. She said she tried to stop him but he "forced intercourse on her," documents said.

The next morning Mazariegos rented an apartment at 14220 Weeping Willow Drive in Silver Spring. Mazariegos and the girl presented themselves as a couple to the family with whom they shared the apartment, documents said.

Over the next 10 days, while authorities were looking for the missing teen, Mazariegos had sex with her numerous times, police said.

Police found Mazariegos and the girl on Aug. 25, and determined that he was from Guatemala and not in the United States legally. He was arrested on immigration charges and the girl was reunited with her mother.

During their investigation, authorities found several photographs of the girl in Mazariegos' underwear drawer in his bedroom, and discovered text messages between the juvenile and Mazariegos.