An Illinois appeals court ruled a judge falling asleep during a murder trial did not permit a retrial of the defendant.

The appellate court panel in Ottawa, Ill., said Wednesday Judge Jeffrey O’Connor's naps did not impede justice since he did not appear asleep during crucial motions or evidence presented at Nicholas Sheley's trial in 2014.

O'Connor denied allegations he slept in the courtroom when the lights were dimmed to show the jury relevant security camera footage for the case.

"If I was not looking at the video, that does not mean that I was not listening and hearing everything that was being said," O’Connor said, according to the Associated Press.

Sheley is serving eight consecutive life sentences for a rampage that included him killing six Illinoisans and two Missourians. Sheley sought a retrial in a case on his killing four of the Illinois residents because of the judge's snoozing.