House Republicans have appropriated a theme from the popular education series "Schoolhouse Rock" to remind Americans that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is sitting on their proposals so Democrats can blame them for inaction in Washington.

The campaign means to highlight House-passed jobs bills now awaiting Senate action. The legislation includes the SKILLS Act, written to streamline federal job-training programs, and the Working Families Flexibility Act, which amends labor law to allow private-sector employers to offer compensatory time off in lieu of time-and-a-half pay for overtime, a controversial measure that drew criticism from labor law experts.

They're just bills and they're sitting there on Capitol Hill, under the thumb of Reid while President Obama blames Republicans for not doing anything in Washington as he travels around the country raising millions of dollars for Democrats.

During his weekly news conference Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner made clear that Reid and Senate Democrats are giving political cover for Obama's partisan rhetoric by making sure Republican proposals remain sad little scraps of paper instead of becoming laws someday.

“ House Republicans have passed nearly 40 jobs bills that are currently being blocked by Senate Democrats. We’ve seen enough of Senate gridlock. The president should join us in pushing the Senate for more action. And I frankly think middle-class families deserve it,” Boehner said.

In Reid's Senate, there aren't any happy endings for Republican bills like there are in Schoolhouse Rock.