On Friday, hundreds of thousands of people descended upon our nation’s capital to march for the rights of the unborn. The March for Life is an annual pro-life tradition held every year. This year marks 45 years of everyday Americans from all walks of life coming together to stand up for life and speak up for the voiceless.

My wife and I participated in the March for Life in 2016, but this year is even more critical than ever, as we stand with the pro-life men and women who are marching for justice in the streets of Washington. Year after year, they have lifted their voices, championing pro-life and pro-family values, gathered in our nation’s capital to remind the politicians that we will never give up the fight to defend the rights of the unborn and stand up for life.

With a Republican president, Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, and five conservative judges on the Supreme Court, pro-life Christian conservatives finally have the chance to make a real difference in the fight to defend the sanctity of life. The Republican Party has always stood up for the smallest minority (the individual), and there is no individual more in need of a voice than the unborn.

Last year, the House passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, also known as Micah’s Law, banning late-term abortion and beginning to undo the deep injustices of Roe vs. Wade. Today, the only thing standing in the way of this bill making it to President Trump’s desk is a few pro-abortion Democrats. We are out of step with the global community – the U.S. is one of only seven nations that currently allow late-term abortions without restriction.

Late-term abortion is an unthinkable, barbaric procedure, during which an unborn child’s life is terminated as late as four and a half months into a pregnancy, despite the fact that the child is capable of feeling pain and has had a heartbeat for months. This nightmarish procedure is still legal in many parts of our great country, and we are long overdue to finally eradicate it.

Banning late-term abortion has massive public support, as high as 80 percent according to some polls. But that’s not the only reason why we must finally send this legislation to Trump’s desk. Passing Micah’s Law and banning late-term abortion is simply the right thing to do. It is unfathomable that in the 21st century, we as a country, are unable to realize that late-term abortion is an affront to God, and is an unjust loss of innocent, helpless life.

The epidemic of abortion has gripped our country for far too long and prematurely cut short so many lives, which is why I am proud to run for Congress on an unapologetic, 100 percent pro-life platform. I believe that we can support mothers and families alike while protecting the sanctity of life, putting the rights of the unborn first.

A new generation of pro-life conservatives is coming of age in this country, and they’re bringing new dedication and new energy to the fight to defend the sanctity of life. They’re serving as a voice for the voiceless, and we are long overdue to listen to them. That’s why I’m standing in solidarity with those at the March for Life, and it’s why I’m proud to run on a 100 percent pro-life platform. Together we can, and we will, return this great country of ours to the Christian conservative values upon which it was founded: standing up for life, defending the defenseless, and relentlessly pursuing that which is righteous and just.

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Jason Emert is the chairman of the Young Republican National Federation and a candidate for Congress in Tennessee’s 2nd District.